Images Looking down toward Lockett Meadow from the saddle point near Mt. Humphrey Rachael, Hailey, Gilbert, Kelsey and Gianluca - Mt. Humphrey hike Christa and Rod - Mt. Humphrey hike Rod, Christa and Gianluca Jorge and Suzanna Trail up to Mt. Humphreys - Gianluca, Rachael, Gilbert, Hailey, Kelsey and Jorge Saddle point between the peaks - looking toward Mt. Agassiz Rachael, Gilbert and Kelsey Suzanna and Jorge Rod next to the saddle point trail marker The group at the saddle - Hailey, Rod, Christa, Gilbert, Rachael, Kelsey, Suzanna, Jorge and Gianluca

Hike up Mt. Humphrey - Flagstaff, AZ - July, 2016

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Rod next to the saddle point trail marker
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